Sail Melbourne Competitors Face Many Challenging Situations


As the wind limits were just at the edge, the first day of the 2020 Sail Melbourne provided some of the competitors with harsh weather conditions accompanied by wild winds at the Port Phillip Bay. The race began with approximately 20 to 22 knots, but with the winds gusting into the higher side of the twenties as the afternoon progressed, the course of the race was shortened after several sailing classes reached out of their wind limits. All classes except the Tasar managed to get into one race with only the windsurfers and kiteboarders completing their usual schedule of the race.

Jake Lilley the 2016 Rio Olympian in the Finn class said that Melbourne always has something for the sailors each time. He has spent more than 10 years here and has not faced such a situation before in this competition. Lilley participated in the Finn Gold Cup in December 2019 that was also held in Melbourne and finished at the fifth position overall. He won the medal race for the top ten participants on the last day of the competition. He also managed to secure the quota spot for Australia in Finn class for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will be the last Olympic Games to include Finn class in the sailing competition.
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Equipment Bids Required For Olympic Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a relatively new category introduced in Olympic Sailing and now there are reviews being done for the equipment to be used in this particular sailing category in the forthcoming Olympics event in 2024. In Qingdao 2008 Mistral One Design class was introduced in place of RS: X class as windsurfing equipment. This has then been used in summer games for three consecutive Olympics. Now the windsurfing event that would be in Tokyo 2020 Olympics is under review.

For this World, a Sailing organization has invited equipment manufacturers and class associations to submit tenders for windsurfing equipment that would be used by men and women for the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris. Invitation for submitting tender includes a re-evaluation policy of the World Sailing Olympic guidelines as were approved in the 2017 annual conference that was held in Mexico.
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Sibling Duo At Sailing World Championships

Family partnerships are not uncommon in sailing and one such famous partnership is found in Hempel Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark. The Outteridge team of Australia is one of the famous family partnerships in sailing. This team offers a domestic scene that is played out as Nathan Outteridge being a gold medalist of the Olympics, sails with his younger sister Haylee Outteridge who is also an Olympic class sailor. The chosen boat that they are sailing in is Nacra 17. This is a foiling boat of the 17th category and widely used, though one of the toughest to maneuver as well.

Haylee, who is 27 years of age, stated that it is cool that her big brother is helping out since they have not sailed together since when she was five years of age. Her brother, 32 years of age who won gold medal in London Olympics as well as silver in Rio, is here to help out. Haylee states that he acts as her mentor and she feels lucky that he is with her. Their mother often worries about the dangers involved here, but she sent her a text stating that they were both safe. Safety is relative, however and this time Haylee has the challenge of being part of the crew. Nathan stated that she is picking up the skills well compared to him who finds crewing more difficult. There have been rough water and weather conditions that they had to face, but Haylee says that it is important to understand each other’s skills and take advantage of them and that is what helps them to go along. Nathan has also worked on the Artemis team as part of the America’s Cup and has experience in handling big foiling boats.
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Leukemia Cup Regatta

There are several regatta events that are held in order to raise funds or create awareness about different cancer conditions. One such regatta event that has been organized last year as well as planned this year is the Leukemia Cup Regatta event.

It promises to include several sailing events where not only will sail enthusiasts be able to enjoy the pleasures of boating, but also help raise money for cancer research and treatments. The Leukemia Cup Regatta has been helping to raise millions of dollars from the time it was conceived. The funds go towards research as well as helping patients in bringing hope to their lives as well as for their families.

This regatta event is held in association with several yacht clubs across the northern part of America, as well as – specialists in Bareboat Yacht Charter Croatia. Skippers need to register their boats and they can bring in a crew of colleagues, family members and friends who are encouraged to contribute and help raise funds. Crew members are encouraged to spread the word about the event so that donations can be raised from different places. There are several national as well as local event and companies that sponsor Leukemia Cup Regatta. Continue reading “Leukemia Cup Regatta”

Annual Meeting Of Sailing In The US

Sarasota is continuously attracting events in place; either it is related to cultural activity or sports.

With regards to continues sports event, Sarasota is attracting sports event of various niches. Recently it has attracted 2018 World Sailing Annual Conference that is going to take place in 2018. The conference will take place in the United States for the first time.

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