Leukemia Cup Regatta

There are several regatta events that are held in order to raise funds or create awareness about different cancer conditions. One such regatta event that has been organized last year as well as planned this year is the Leukemia Cup Regatta event.

It promises to include several sailing events where not only will sail enthusiasts be able to enjoy the pleasures of boating, but also help raise money for cancer research and treatments. The Leukemia Cup Regatta has been helping to raise millions of dollars from the time it was conceived. The funds go towards research as well as helping patients in bringing hope to their lives as well as for their families.

This regatta event is held in association with several yacht clubs across the northern part of America, as well as PlainSailing.com – specialists in Bareboat Yacht Charter Croatia. Skippers need to register their boats and they can bring in a crew of colleagues, family members and friends who are encouraged to contribute and help raise funds. Crew members are encouraged to spread the word about the event so that donations can be raised from different places. There are several national as well as local event and companies that sponsor Leukemia Cup Regatta.

The participants who are able to raise $15,000 or more for the event to be held in October will be part of Fantasy Sail with Gary Jobson, which is an event slated to take part from October 27th to 29th 2017. This year it would also see Gary completing 25 years in his role as National Chairman for this regatta.

The Jobson Cup is a fundraising event that is associated with this regatta. Winners would be entitled to attractive prizes such as trips for two to the Bermudas as well as shopping vouchers for the West Marine region. The registration for the event is open on the website and sailing enthusiasts are being asked to complete the formalities for the 2017 regatta.