Top Sailors In Moth World 2017

The list of entrants is impressive for Moth World 2017.

This event has been getting media attention due to top publishers and sailing related organizations like Sailing World and Foiling Week. The latter is one of the main organizations pushing the highlights for this regatta event as foiling technology would take center stage in this event.

As the event will take place in Lake Garda in Italy there would be a large contingent of British sailors taking part in the event while about thirty sailors would travel from Australia to this country to take part. There are several countries that have signed up for participating this year for the first time in this event. The names include Finland, Ireland and Argentina. Fleets from countries like Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada, Norway and Bermuda.

The Moth regulars will also be facing Olympic champions like Josh McKnight. A new Moth has also been built for the forthcoming event as against the existing Moth designs like Exocet and Mach2. There would be others who are accomplished sailors like Rob Greenhalgh who was the winner of Amlin International as well a Volvo Ocean Race of the last two years. There would also be the local Italian fleet that would take part in the regatta. Even though six months are left till the Moth World starts the event has already gathered attention due to the large number of entries that have accumulated this year. With America’s Cup scheduled at the same time, there would definitely be a tussle for the attention of the sailing fans. The publications and organizations that sponsor such programs would certainly have a busy season on their hands. However, both events have a different pool of participants and sailing competition style. Hence, they will be able to command attention in their own right as the thrills of both regatta events would be different.